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Design Scheme of FFU in Class 100 Clean Room

Author: Shenzhen ZhongJian South Environment CO., LTDissuing time:2022-02-09 17:46:23Pageviews:327smallinBig

The continuous updating of the production process, the cleanliness layout of the original clean room cannot meet the needs of the new process. So, how to...
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      The cleanliness levels of clean rooms are divided into: class 10, class 100, class 1000, class 10000, class 100000, class 300000, etc. Class 100 clean rooms are mostly used in industries such as LED electronics and pharmaceuticals. ZhongJian South focuses on the design of the FFU(fan filter unit) for GMP class 100 clean rooms.

      The enclosure structure of the clean room is generally made of metal siding. Generally, the layout cannot be changed after completion. However, due to the continuous updating of the production process, the cleanliness layout of the original clean room cannot meet the needs of the new process. As a result, the clean room and clean workshop need to be changed frequently due to product replacement, which wastes a lot of financial and material resources. What we are going to introduce today is that by increasing or decreasing the number of FFU purification units, the adjustment and layout of the local cleanliness of the room can be realized to meet the changes in the process, and the FFU purification unit has its own power, air outlets and lamps, which can save a lot of money investment. This is almost impossible to achieve the same effect for the purification system through centralized air supply.

      As a high-clean air purification equipment, ZhongJian South ffu is widely used in Class 10, class 100 clean rooms, clean studios, clean production lines, assembled clean rooms and local class 100 applications. So how to install FFU in clean room? How to do the post-maintenance maintenance?

Design scheme of FFU used in class 100 clean room

a. The ceiling of the 100-level area is covered with FFU;

b. The clean air enters from the elevated floor at the lower part of the side wall of the 100-level area or enters the vertical air duct, enters the static pressure box through the vertical air duct, and is sent into the room through the FFU fan purification unit to achieve circulation.

c. The upper FFU in the 100-level area supplies air vertically, and the leakage between the FFU and the hanger in the 100-level area is the indoor flow to the static pressure box, which has little impact on the cleanliness of the 100-level area.

d. The FFU is light in weight and adopts a cover-in installation method, which makes installation, filter replacement and maintenance more convenient.

e. Shorten the construction period. The FFU system saves energy significantly, thus solving the shortcomings of the large air-conditioning room and the high operating cost of the air-conditioning unit. The disadvantage that the layout of the clean workshop caused by the adjustment should not be adjusted.

h. The use of FFU circulation system in the clean room not only saves operating space, has high cleanliness and safety, low operating costs, but also has high operational flexibility. And system upgrades and adjustments can be carried out at any time without affecting production. To meet the needs of clean rooms well, the use of FFU circulation systems in semiconductor or other manufacturing industries has gradually become the most important clean room design scheme.

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