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Precautions for FFU Installation

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Precautions for FFU HEPA filter Installation in clean room. Before the installation of HEPA filter, the clean room must be fully cleaned and wiped. If there is dust in the purification air conditioning system, it should be cleaned and wiped again to meet the cleaning requirements...
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Installation conditions of FFU HEPA filter in clean room

      1. Before the installation of HEPA filter, the clean room must be fully cleaned and wiped. If there is dust in the purification air conditioning system, it should be cleaned and wiped again to meet the cleaning requirements. If the HEPA filter is installed in the technical interlayer or ceiling, the technical interlayer or ceiling shall also be fully cleaned and wiped.

      2. During installation, the clean room must be closed, the FFU must be installed and started to operate, the purified air conditioner must be put into trial operation for more than 12 hours, and the HEPA filter shall be installed immediately after cleaning and wiping the clean room again.

      3. The clean room shall be kept clean and free of dust. All keels have been installed and leveled.

      4. The installation personnel must be equipped with clean clothes and clean gloves to prevent man-made pollution of the box and air filter.

      5. In order to ensure the long-term and effective operation of the HEPA filter, the installation environment should not be in the oil fume, dusty and humid air. The air filter shall try to avoid contacting with water or other corrosive liquids, so as not to affect its use effect.

      6. It is suggested that the number of installation personnel in each group is 6.

Installation process of FFU filter in clean room

      1. Carefully take out the HEPA filter from the transportation packing box and check whether any parts are damaged during transportation. Remove the plastic bag and place the FFU and HEPA filter in a clean room.

      2. Install FFU and HEPA filter on the ceiling keel. The FFU box is installed under the keel and placed flat on the ceiling next to it, waiting for the filter to be covered.

      3. Handle the HEPA filter with care and do not touch the filter surface. Align the four sides of the keel and put it down in parallel. Pay attention to the wind direction of the filter and the air outlet surface should face down.

      4.Align the FFU box with the four sides of the filter and put it down. Handle it gently. Pay attention not to let the edge of the box touch the filter. Use cables to connect the fan unit to the power supply with appropriate voltage according to the circuit diagram and electrical regulations provided by the manufacturer. The system control lines are connected by groups according to the grouping plan provided by ZhongJian South.

Installation requirements and process of strong and weak current of FFU in clean room

      1. Strong Current: the input power supply is single-phase 220V AC power supply, and the maximum current of each FFU is 1.7A. It is recommended that each main power line be connected to 8 FFUs.

      2. Weak current: the connection between FFU collector (ifan7 repeater) and FFU, and all FFUs are connected by network cables.

      3. Precautions during the connection of power line and network line. Strong current connection in order to connect firmly, single core copper wire needs to be selected. In order to prevent leakage and reduce the impact on data transmission, FFU must take grounding measures. Each group must be a separate network line, and cannot be mixed between groups. The last group of FFUs in each area cannot be connected to FFUs in other areas. FFUs in each group must be connected in the order of address number to facilitate FFU fault inspection, such as g01-f01 = > g01-f02 = > g01-f03 = > G01-F31.

      4. Do not use brute force when installing the power line and network cable. The power line and network cable should be fixed to prevent kicking off during construction; When routing strong current lines and weak current lines, parallel routing should be avoided as far as possible. If the parallel routing is too long, the spacing should be more than 600mm to reduce interference; It is forbidden to tie the network cable with the power cord for routing.

      5. During the relevant construction on the interlayer, pay attention to protect the FFU and filter, keep the surface of the box clean, and pay attention to prevent water from entering the FFU to avoid damaging the fan. When connecting FFU power line, power off operation shall be carried out, and attention shall be paid to prevent electric leakage and electric shock; After all FFUs are connected to the power line, a short-circuit test must be conducted, and the power switch can be turned on only after passing the test; When replacing the filter, the power supply must be turned off before replacement.

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