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Commercial Engineering

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  • Smt (fit) clean workshop design decoration

    Smt (fit) clean workshop design decoration

    1、Smt (Surface Mounted Technology) is the surface assembly technology (surface mount technology), is currently the most popular electronic assembly industry, a technology and technology. Smt What are the characteristics: high assembly density, electronic products, small size, light weight, the size and weight of the chip components only traditional packaging components around 1/10, the general use of smt, the electronic product volume reduced by 40% to 60% Weight reduction by 60% to 80%. High frequency characteristics, reducing the electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, high reliability, anti-vibration ability. Low defect rate, easy to achieve automation, improve production efficiency. Reduce the cost of 30% to 50%. Saving materials, energy, equipment, manpower, time and so on.

  • Clean film workshop - car beauty clean workshop construction works

    Clean film workshop - car beauty clean workshop construction works

    In addition to meeting the requirements of process logistics, it should consider the layout of the lowest frequency wind direction in the factory area, and the open terrain, good ventilation conditions of the lot, and should be with the factory area no Dust shop and personnel to keep a certain degree of protection distance. Built in the South professional car film beauty clean workshop design and construction of professional integration company.

  • Clean paint room design decoration

    Clean paint room design decoration

    Clean room, the room side with a work door, easy access to staff; aluminum alloy edge of the package, the door is equipped with the door Observation window, can be observed at any time room dynamics. Choose a low noise and high air volume fan to ensure the perfect painting effect; clean paint room according to the filter principle can be divided into dry spray paint (more common) and wet spray paint room (curtain or spray paint room). Clean paint room (paint room) paint room is generally used to spray and bake furniture (car) paint, so the most accurate description of the paint room should be \"spray paint room.\"


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