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Company Culture
 Company Culture
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1, our aim: to create value for our business, to bear the family, business, society to give a major responsibility!
2, our vision: to become China's air pollution control and control technology leader.
3, our core values: technology and innovation as the primary productive force!
4, our mission: also the earth a healthy, fresh air in the world!
5, our quality culture: the product is character.
6, our core philosophy of life: Tiandaochouqin; diligence, diligence, thrift.
7, our management culture:
(1) management is a serious love, pro-Yan, wide sparse;
(1) management is a high standard, strict requirements, management is the details of the tube, not the people, management is the responsibility;
(3) The essence of management is not to know but to line, that there is no power, I believe and do will have the power.
8, the implementation of our culture:
1. Successful business, from the principles of success;
2. Understanding is also implemented, do not understand the implementation of obedient photos do!

9, our communication culture:
(1) speech to be specific, to be clear, to quantify;
(2) pay attention to communication system;
(3) 98% of the contradictions are caused by misunderstanding, 98% of misunderstandings are caused by poor communication;
(4) communication Sambo: nod, smile, praise.
10, the style of our work culture: everything serious, full of passion, rapid response, immediate action.
11, our work attitude culture:

(1) attitude determines everything;
(2) whether a person is willing to change, is the will of the problem is the attitude of the problem. (When a person has the world 's first - class attitude, will find a first - class approach.
(3) to do something must be dry, to fight the first fight;
(4) there is no bad people in the world, only a bad state of mind;
(5) positive attitude like the sun, according to where, where bright; negative mentality like the moon, the first fifteen different.
12, our team culture:
1. There is no perfect individual, only the perfect team;
2. Team is me, I am the team, to do the team's favorite, do not do the team's debt!

13, our efforts to culture:
(1) If you have wisdom, please use the wisdom out; If you do not have wisdom, you sweat; If you neither wisdom nor sweat, please leave!
(2) first pay, after the return!
14, our employment culture:
1. Zhiren use, for the government of the country;
2. Deyou talented, exceptional use; virtuous, cultivated use; no virtue, limited use; no virtue, no
15, our culture of success:
(1) success is the simple, easy to do the duplication of things! What is not easy: what we think is very easy to seriously and repeat it to do a good job, it is not easy to do: what is not easy: what we think is very easy to do serious, This is not easy.
(2) One thing is not done well, is not enough to repeat the number of his style is the problem!
16, our time management culture:
1. Summary yesterday, cherish today, planning tomorrow!
2. Cherish life, anytime, anywhere to do things conducive to work.
17, the culture of our meeting: team work, brainstorming, and will be discussed, and decided to have decided, there is line, line and fruit!
18, our work culture: a reasonable work is training, unreasonable work is temper, regardless of the work is unreasonable exercise.
19, our thinking culture: reverse thinking, the occurrence of everything, we must consider its root causes, relevance, causality;
20, our daily management culture: everything was tube, everyone steward, 1% per day progress.
21, our happy culture: to achieve goals, is the happiest thing;
22, our cadre culture:
(1) the lawyer first self-discipline, Masato first Masato;
(2) subordinates low quality, not your responsibility; you can not enhance the quality of your subordinates, is your problem;
(3) subordinates will not do what you want, you will only do things to check, there is no check will not be implemented; supervision is love, appointment is trust.
23, the culture of our colleagues: in this world, that take for granted things will be less and less; you are grateful to things that will be more and more; others help you feel the situation, thank you for your part .

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