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Exhibition Highlights | ZhongJian South Participated in Animal Husbandry Exhibition

Author: Shenzhen ZhongJian South Environment CO., LTDissuing time:2021-10-28 14:03:41Pageviews:190smallinBig

ZhongJian South was invited to participate in the 18th northeast four provinces animal husbandry exchange and Trade Congress in 2021 with a variety of epidemic prevention and purification solutions and products. For more information...
Text label:ZhongJian South, Animal Husbandry Exchange and Trade Congress

      The 18th northeast four provinces animal husbandry exchange and Trade Congress in 2021, grandly held in Shenyang International Exhibition Center on October 13-14, 2021.

      With the theme of "One-Stop Epidemic Prevention for Pig Houses", ZhongJian South will bring a variety of epidemic prevention and purification solutions and products to the exhibition. We looking forward to your visit to ZhongJian South’s booth, visit, exchange and discuss interaction!

      In 2020, the development of animal husbandry will be stable and improving. In particular, the recovery of pig production will be accelerated, and the situation of pig production will be better than expected; the northeast aquaculture industry will develop more large-scale, standardized, pollution-free, and industrialized development. New technologies and new products gather in the Northeast.

      ZhongJian South not only demonstrated its core product - fresh air filter wall for pig house, but also demonstrated to animal husbandry users through products and solutions that the pig growth-promoting lamp can improve the immunity of pigs and promote growth, and Pre efficiency filters which can effectively prevent epidemics and filter germs, sub-high efficiency air filters and other products, to help users choose suitable products, build "epidemic prevention walls", and provide efficient, safe and low-cost modern animal husbandry one-stop solutions for the animal husbandry industry plan.

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