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Exhibition Highlights | ZhongJian South Invited to the Leman China Swine Conference 2021

Author: Shenzhen ZhongJian South Environment CO., LTDissuing time:2021-10-28 15:08:08Pageviews:296smallinBig

ZhongJian South brought one-stop epidemic prevention solutions for pig house and a variety of air purification products to the 10th Leman China Swine Conference 2021...
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      The 10th Leman China Swine Conference 2021, focusing on Biosecurity, disease prevention and control, diagnosis and testing, pig farm construction, pig breeding and other fields, held from October 20-22, 2021 for three days. Such a grand ceremony is not to be missed.

      ZhongJian South brought one-stop epidemic prevention solutions for pig house and a variety of air purification products to the exhibition.

Pre Anti-epidemic Filter

Promotion Light of Pig Growth

     During the exhibition, ZhongJian South showcased the fresh air filter wall in the pig house. Through the image display, it helps users choose the right products more intuitively, and established the "epidemic prevention wall" of the pig house to provide efficient, safe, a low-cost one-stop solution for modern animal husbandry.

      In addition to the solution, ZhongJian South also showed to the industry user the pig growth-promoting lamp that improves the immunity of pigs and promotes the growth of pigs. And the pre Anti-epidemic Filter which can effectively intercept large particles in the air and increase the life of the terminal HEPA. The air filter can effectively block and filter the float in the air, dust, etc., and products such as sub-efficient anti-epidemic air filters that carry African swine fever and various viruses.

      ZhongJian South will continue to provide customers with "one-stop pig house epidemic prevention solutions" and a variety of "epidemic prevention air filters", promote the development of the pig industry, and make contributions within its capacity to promote food safety, health!


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