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FFU Unit
FFU Unit
FFU Group Control System
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FFU Group Control System

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• Widely used in ventilation system in the clean room;

• The FFU computer can independently monitor the FFU for 24 hours;

• Computer central monitoring system;

• Control the open and close of hundreds of FFU through the computer;

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FFU, as a purification device, has been widely used in ventilation system in clean room. The monitoring system connects with hundreds and thousands of FFU by FFU computer host to control and close of fan, malfunction altering and recording data. When the computer of FFU monitoring system is closed, the FFU computer can independently monitor the FFU for 24 hours.

Technical Parameter:

FFU group control system is applied to clean room with a large mount of FFU.

a. 32 Hub;

b. FFU computer host;

c. 485/232 communication card;

d. computer central monitoring system;

e. Low voltage control cabinet;


a. AC voltage control system ensure the machine run without hitches for extended periods of time;

b. FFU  control system is wiring simple, maintaining convenience, and working safeness;

c. FFU control system can set wind speed to reduce energy consumption to keep air cleanness. It can reduce the rorate speed of fan when it is nonworking time;

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