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Haze achievements purification industry, air purifier into haze

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February 2017 has not finished half, the North issued the next three days haze again struck, air heavy pollution warning, the Lantern Festival just finished, haze came. Experts pointed out that the haze days serious, PM2.5 will gradually penetrate into the room, resulting in indoor and outdoor pollution is not much dif...
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  February 2017 has not finished half, the North issued the next three days haze again struck, air heavy pollution warning, the Lantern Festival just finished, haze came. Experts pointed out that the haze days serious, PM2.5 will gradually penetrate into the room, resulting in indoor and outdoor pollution is not much difference, the indoor air purifier was sought after. But the commercial air purifier wide variety, how to choose? Experts suggest that, according to the latest national standards, the purchase of reference to the amount of clean air and cumulative purification of the two core indicators.


  2016 years of haze years, in addition to some of the northern city of haze pollution, the air pollution in other cities in China is not optimistic. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) on November 20 this year, "2015 Climate and Health China's national conditions" shows that in 2010, China has five people with pollution data records more cities (Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shantou, Shenzhen), outdoor air average PM2.5 index exceeded the WHO recommended value (10 micrograms / cubic meter) several times. The report reminds that outdoor air pollution may directly affect human health, some fine particles will enter the human respiratory system, thereby increasing the respiratory system infection, lung cancer and cardiovascular disease mortality. "Air pollution and climate change pose a serious risk to our environment and a serious threat to human health," said WHO Representative in China, Dr. Shiger.

  Air purifier has become a lot of family in the indoor haze "artifact". Consumers sought after, the reporter in a shopping site search for "air purifier", in the display of nearly 8000 items, the highest sales of an air purifier in nearly a month's time to sell more than 49,000 units, and A wide variety, in addition to formaldehyde, sterilization, in addition to pollen has become a common air purifier function.

  Compared with the previous standard, the newly revised GB / T 18801-2015 "air purifier" national standard clear the evaluation of the basic technical indicators of air purifier and air purifier products, signs and labeling. Among them, the basic technical indicators of air purifier for the "clean air" and "cumulative purification", that is, air purifier products, "purification capacity" and "purification capacity of the continuity." It is reported that the new standard will be March 1, 2016 formally implemented.

  Participate in the revision of the standard of China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute, deputy chief engineer Lu Jianguo told reporters that clean air is the unit time, the air purifier can purify the air volume. The cumulative amount of purification is the amount of material that the air purifier can purify. "In other words, the cumulative amount of cleanliness is the efficiency of the air purifier." In his view, the amount of clean air and the amount of cleanup can be seen as the purchase of air purification When the core indicators, on behalf of the product of the purification capacity.In the eyes of many people, the haze to the house in the indoors, try to avoid outdoor activities become a haze coup. In fact, indoor air pollution is equally serious. Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Atmospheric Physics researcher Wang Gengchen had said that under normal circumstances, China's indoor air pollution situation even heavier than the outdoor. If the indoor closures are not particularly tight, the haze will slowly penetrate into the room, resulting in little difference between inside and outside the pollution level.

  Beijing Health and Health Committee members, spokesman Gao Xiaojun introduction, indoor air pollution is the indoor air harmful substances exceeded, resulting in indoor environmental pollution. Human body exhaled carbon dioxide and smoking caused by smoke, decoration materials and daily necessities volatile volatile gases and with microbes, viruses, bacteria, dirty air, kitchen cooking fumes, centralized air conditioning system is not clean air is caused by indoor air pollution The main way. Long-term breathing contaminated indoor air, it will endanger the health.

  In 2013, about 79% of rural households in China preferred solid fuels for cooking, 14% in urban areas and 45% for domestic averages. The report reminds that this is also a major cause of indoor air pollution. Relatively speaking, women and children are the greater victims of indoor air pollution, and indoor air pollution is associated with a greater degree of death from ischemic heart disease, stroke, lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

  The clarity of the technical indicators provides the basis for the purchase of consumers. To Amway Yixin new air purifier, for example, the use of triple filter design - the first heavy pre-filter, the second heavy HEPA high efficiency filter, the third flavor of the filter, can effectively filter more than 80 kinds of Air pollutants, including dust, hair and bacteria, fungi spores and formaldehyde, ozone and other chemical pollutants, the machine can filter the air as small as 0.009 microns, penetrating strong air suspension particles, filtration rate of up to 99.99%.

With reference to the new standard, the construction of the South air purifier with speed purification capacity, the experiment, built in the South air purifier per minute can output up to about 7.1 cubic meters of clean air, ad hoc "ultra high speed" mode can be about 30 minutes Filter the 36 square meters of indoor air, handling odor, smoke and other air pollutants. In the performance testing conducted by Tsinghua University's Building Environmental Testing Center, the construction of the South China air purifier to the measured solid and gaseous pollutants purification efficiency rating of A level, is the "air purifier" national standards set the highest level.

 【Buy advice】

  1, the implementation of standards: Lu Jianguo remind consumers to be sure to pay attention to the implementation of the air purifier standards, the current air purifier has two standards, that is, in September this year, the newly revised GB / T 18801-2015 "air purifier "National standard, with the previous GB / T18801-2008 version of" air purifier ". In addition, we should also pay attention to see whether the implementation of the relevant safety standards for air purifiers GB4706.45-2008 "household and similar electrical appliances, the special requirements of safe air purifier." Some companies can not meet the requirements of the new product requirements, still before the implementation of the standard, it is worth the consumer in the purchase of special attention.

  2, the core indicators: the same price in the case, the amount of clean air and the cumulative amount of two indicators of the higher the better the effect of air purification. On the contrary, if the two indicators are the same, the lower the price of the product, the higher the price.

  3, other requirements: In addition, consumers can focus on other personalized requirements, such as running noise, whether energy saving, operation is intelligent and appearance.

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