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Foreign air purifier down the altar, the failure rate of over two into

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In the face of environmental degradation in recent years, China, the demand for air purifiers is increasing, but has been sought after by domestic consumers of foreign air purifier products are now deep in the quality crisis. Following the second half of last year, the Chinese Consumers Association and the State Admini...
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  I, foreign air purifier down the altar
  In the face of environmental degradation in recent years, China, the demand for air purifiers is increasing, but has been sought after by domestic consumers of foreign air purifier products are now deep in the quality crisis. Following the second half of last year, the Chinese Consumers Association and the State Administration of Quality Supervision, named Sharp, Bruhur and other air purifier quality problems, a few days ago the national entry-exit inspection and quarantine institutions on the statutory inspection of goods outside the import and export commodities supervision and inspection The results also show that imports of air purifier failure rate as high as 23.2%, the problem brands include Honeywell, Bruges, Yi, Hitachi and other international big. Strengthen product quality control, has become a foreign air purifier in China, the development of key factors.


  II, and then on the black list
  AQSIQ recently held a regular press conference to inform the 2016 product quality supervision and spot checks and 2016 directory outside the import and export commodities supervision and spot checks. Sampling data show that in 2016 a total of 6907 batch of import and export commodities sampling, detection of substandard 1906 batches, unqualified detection rate of 27.6%. Among them, the import of goods failed to detect the rate of 28.4%, the concern of the air purifier failure rate as high as 23.2%.
  It is understood that the air purifier a total of 121 batches of products, inspection items, including safety projects and performance projects. Test results show that the import air purifier safety project failure rate of 19.8%, performance project does not meet the rate of 9.9%.
  The country's 22 directly under entry inspection and quarantine bureau participated in the spot checks, involving a total of four links, 34 brands, 15 countries of origin (region) and 121 batches of products. Among them, the safety indicators of substandard product quality problems include signs and instructions, power connections and external soft lines, grounding measures and other three projects, products related to Bruges, brighton, camfil, clean air, ECOTRONIX, expansion electronic, FASFLO , Honeywell, oransi, QUATRO, Austrian Ting, Hitachi, Yi mouth, INTER LINX and other brands.
  Performance indicators Unqualified product quality problems include noise, clean air, clean energy efficiency, standby power 4 projects, involving Dyson, FASFLO, Austrian Ting, Kohler, Hitachi, letter one, INTER LINX and other air purifier brand.
  Industry experts pointed out that the product does not meet the failure of enterprises in the quality control of dereliction of duty, leading to frequent product quality problems.

  III, acclimatized
  As a branch of the home appliance industry, air purifiers around 2011, due to environmental problems in the Chinese market rapid development, and foreign air purifier has become the first income side, much sought after by consumers. Beijing Business Daily reporter found in Jingdong, in accordance with the sales rankings show, Philips, Honeywell, Bulu'er three foreign brands of air purifier products occupy the top eight. However, after several years of development, foreign brands have been reduced to the effect of virtual standard, whispering synonymous.
  As early as October 2016, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection of China's first air purifier in the field of national supervision and spot checks, a total of 56 enterprises produced a total of 61 batches of air purifier products, testing the product safety indicators, performance indicators And the electromagnetic compatibility index 3 side 21 items. There are 42 companies 46 batches of qualified products, 14 enterprises produced 15 batches of product failure, product sampling pass rate of 75.4%.
  And the survey basically covers the industry's well-known brand enterprises, including many foreign brands. Spot checks of 61 batches of products, 35 batches of products from March 1, 2016 implementation of the GB / T 18801-2015 "air purifier" the latest national standards, accounting for 57.4% of the total number of sampling products.
  At the end of last year, Shenyang Consumer Association released air purifier comparison test results show that there are six air purifier prototype a performance index and test results do not match. Among them, Philips and Sharp each have a sample particle CCM grade nominal value and test results do not match; another Sharp prototype noise value and test results do not match.
  And the Chinese Consumers Association in 2016 in November and November on the market sales of air purifiers to carry out the comparative test results also show that the Swiss wind, Bruges, Sharp, Dyson and other internationally renowned brands are the parameters of the virtual standard, In particular, Sharp's two sampling products, are involved in performance parameters virtual standard.
  Industry experts generally believe that foreign brands frequently exposed quality problems, in part because foreign brands directly to other market products moved to China, for the Chinese market to do the improvement of local innovation to improve. Air Purifier national standard main drafters Qiu Zhaoyun had a comparison test also showed that in the purification of haze and formaldehyde, four domestic brands than the four European and American products more excellent. Technical staff will point out that the reason why the Chinese brand products purification efficiency is high, the secret in the amount of air, the Chinese manufacturers in the design of the inlet and the wind turbine is often the middle of the turbine diameter design is relatively large, the outlet is also designed to be more smooth. While the area of foreign products are usually not so large Chinese products.
  Boan air purifier founder Ran Hongyu pointed out that during 2012, 2013, Bruma, Sharp and other international brands because of the accumulation in the European and American markets for many years, whether the product from the function or model richness than the domestic brands much better , The market has a leading position, but after years of development, domestic brands have come to catch up, including technology, functionality, cost-effective, and even in some areas than the international brand.

  IV, domestic opportunities
  In the emerging air purifier market, the concept of many consumers, "import" relative to the "domestic" to be better. It is this concept so that the international air purifier brand in the domestic market to be more well-known. But specific to the product purification effect, but may not be able to match with its popularity.
  Industry observers Hongshibin told the Beijing Chinese Commercial News, foreign home appliance brand is the main advantage in high-tech, such as IC chips, LCD panels and other subtle components of the design and development. Air purifier technology content is not high, whether domestic or imported, a simple understanding is by the filter, motor, shell composition, technical differences are not large. In recent years, exposed the quality of the air purifier, there is no lack of Philips, Bruges and other foreign brands. Foreign air purifier is just the price of domestic expensive, the quality is not much difference.
  Qiu Zhaoyun also pointed out that domestic brands in the visibility than the foreign brands to be worse, but through the test point of view, domestic brands of clean capacity than foreign brands, even better than they are.
  With the domestic air purifier market continues to mature, the advantages of foreign brands are also declining. According to Ovied cloud data show that in October 2016 the air purifier industry retail TOP10 brand, domestic brands accounted for 27.6%, and in November the same year, the proportion rose to 35.2%.
  For foreign air purifier brand, the slowdown in market growth is another urgent need to face the problem. Ovied cloud data show that 2012-2016 air purifier retail market size of 2.12 billion yuan, 7.75 billion yuan, 15.1 billion yuan, 11.83 billion yuan, 13.51 billion yuan. Since 2014, the air purifier market will enter a callback stage, with the continuous development of domestic brands, foreign brands market space will be squeezed.
  Hong Shibin that the foreign air purifier brand, should rely on their own brand awareness of the circumstances, strengthen the product itself, on the one hand to strengthen quality control, to prevent the frequent quality of the black list of the situation, on the other hand, in strict accordance with the air purifier New national standard, the implementation of each of the indicators to improve and optimize innovation, improve the user experience. Especially in the past two years FFU air purifier home sales, to a certain extent, to meet the needs of the market, but the same quality but off, brand confusion, the level of missing. Future market development of air purifiers also requires the government to strengthen regulatory and legislative norms.

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