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Across the innovation and development, new layout of the biomedical industry

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July 8, the Beijing Municipal Government Information Office and the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission jointly organized the \"Beijing Technology Innovation Action Plan (2014-2017)\" of the biomedical industry across the development of special series of results conference. Beijing Municipal Science and...
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  July 8, the Beijing Municipal Government Information Office and the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission jointly organized the "Beijing Technology Innovation Action Plan (2014-2017)" of the biomedical industry across the development of special series of results conference. Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, deputy director of Zheng Huanmin introduction, the capital of the biomedical industry through the special implementation, formed a new pattern of innovation across the development.

  Strengthen the layout of major projects
  In 2014, the Beijing Municipal Government issued the implementation of the "Beijing Technology Innovation Action Plan", and actively speed up the construction of enterprises as the mainstay of technological innovation system, and continuously improve the ability of independent innovation, accelerate the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements and new technologies to promote the use of new products to promote Urban sustainable development and services to the people's livelihood needs to provide scientific and technological support, the formation of innovation-driven development pattern.
  "Biomedical industry leapfrog development" special action plan is identified as one of the 12 major projects, the municipal government to implement the "healthy China" "Health Beijing" in science and technology support an important measure. The special task of the deployment of two key tasks: "to achieve pillar industry by leaps and bounds" and "improve the innovation-driven policy system." By 2017, the biomedical industry and strive to become a pillar industry.
  At present, the Beijing biomedical industry has formed a life science and health medicine cutting-edge technology, biomedical industry, clinical medicine research trinity overall technology layout. To the clinical needs of traction, cutting-edge technology to support, build and improve the Beijing biomedical industry innovation system. The G20 project has been implemented since 2010. In accordance with the twenty-eight rule, "G20" implication is the focus and service industry key leading enterprise development, and play their leading role in promoting the Beijing biomedical industry across the comprehensive development. It is reported that, G20 project after two, has formed a series of results.

  Biomedicine into the capital billion industry
  According to reports, "Eleventh Five-Year" at the end of the Beijing pharmaceutical industry's main business income of less than 40 billion yuan, "second five" at the end of about 130 billion yuan, an average annual growth rate of 16%, Beijing's new 100 billion industry The The total profits of the pharmaceutical industry to maintain the top five, the sales profit rate has always been the first in the country, the pharmaceutical industry added value rose to the city's second place. 57 G20 enterprises in more than one billion yuan scale enterprises from 7 in 2010 to 2015 growth of 13, the birth of the first 10 billion enterprises Bayer medicine. 57 G20 enterprises played a central role, as of December 2015 to achieve operating income of 56.65 billion yuan, accounting for 58.1% of the city's pharmaceutical industry. In the economic development into a new normal macroeconomic situation, the growth rate of bio-pharmaceutical industry from high-speed growth gradually to high-speed growth.
  "Four-wheel drive" development pattern continues to consolidate. The biomedical industry has formed a development pattern dominated by chemical medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, bio-pharmaceuticals and medical devices, and achieved operating income and profit of 93% of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Among them, the chemical pharmaceutical has a prominent brand advantage and high scale advantages, bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing industry growth is strong.
  The development of the capital of the biomedical industry, the quality and efficiency of continuous improvement. Strategic layout cutting-edge technology to improve the ability to innovate in stem cells and tissue engineering, structural biology, biological 3D printing and other fields has made breakthrough progress. Industrial innovation capacity continues to improve, the emergence of a number of heavy varieties, innovative products and key enterprises. And bio-pharmaceutical research and development related to the surrounding clean room purification project also brings a great opportunity for development.
  According to reports, "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, Beijing made new clinical documents more than 300, the number of the first in the country; access to more than 370 drug approval number, Beijing pharmaceutical manufacturing sales rate for 10 consecutive years in the country's major pharmaceutical developed provinces and cities In the first place. Beijing Yi Qiao Shenzhou Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Technical Director Zhang Jie introduction, Yi Qiao China has more than 70 countries and regions, more than 8,000 units to provide quality and cheap protein, antibody reagents, to achieve the field of biomedical "Made in China "Brand to enter the international market breakthrough.
  "One South One North" spatial pattern is initially formed. It is reported that Beijing has initially formed a "one South and one North, each with its own characteristics" of the biomedical industry space layout, "South" includes Yizhuang and Daxing biological medicine base as the core of high-end industrial base, "North" including Zhongguancun Life Science Park As the core R & D Innovation Center.

  Aimed at the industry "pain point" continuous research
  In addition, the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission to actively play the role of the main market, around the impact of enterprise development funds, space, technology, policy, R & D services five key "pain point" to carry out the relevant work.
Biomedical industry has a long research and development cycle, capital investment, high risk characteristics. In order to solve the problem of small and medium-sized enterprises in biomedical enterprises, the Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the financial management departments, commercial banks and guarantee institutions to implement the "biomedical industry financial incentive pilot program" to take the loan risk compensation, loan risk compensation, Twelve Five "period, to guide the 20 commercial financial institutions accumulated for 247 enterprises to issue loans of nearly 20 billion yuan, reflecting the technology" signal source ", financial" amplifier "role.
  To promote the enterprise to become the main body of technological innovation decision-making, science and technology investment, scientific research organization and achievement transformation, and to improve the technological innovation of biomedical enterprises to promote the enterprises to become the key elements of technological innovation decision-making, science and technology investment, scientific research organization and achievement transformation Ability and core competencies.
Beijing is also actively play the leading role of talent supply technology innovation. High-end talent team is the fundamental enterprise innovation, in order to achieve high-end talent gathering, to carry out "G20 engineering talent action", "outside cited" overseas leader, "inline" local high-end talent, "nurturing" applied talents. As of the "second five" at the end, Beijing has 42 biomedical entrepreneurs selected "thousands of people plan", 101 biomedical experts selected "sea poly project."
  Multi-commission office linkage, and promote the use of innovative varieties listed. Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission in conjunction with the city by the letter, Zhongguancun Management Committee, City Investment Promotion Bureau, City Food and Drug Administration, Municipal Health Commission and other departments to form a linkage mechanism in the health insurance directory, drug pricing, tender procurement and registration approval , To accelerate the biomedical innovation varieties listed. To G20 major innovative varieties of enterprises as the representative of the 88 varieties of drugs into the Beijing Medicare directory, the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission jointly issued by the City Planning Commission to promote the tender market to make the local market share of drugs from 8% to 13%, the joint city of food and medicine Bureau to promote the first batch of five new drugs into the "Beijing biomedical innovation to promote the platform" green channel to speed up the progress of drug approval.
  Play the support of technical service to industrial development. With ABO as the starting point to promote the development of R & D technical service industry, ABO alliance formed 6 proprietary technology platforms such as "chemical synthesis and preparation", "protein antibody" and "preclinical evaluation". Service innovation more than 2,000 varieties, to promote the development of the capital biomedical research and development service industry main force.
  "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission will continue to "bio-pharmaceutical industry across the development of" special as the carrier, in Beijing to build the National Science and Technology Innovation Center and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei cooperation in the development of new situations, combined with domestic and international biomedical industry trends And improve the technical service platform to support innovation and entrepreneurship; to strengthen the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei industrial cooperation, to promote coordinated development; to promote the policy first try again and again, to promote innovation and cultivate efforts to accelerate the high-end output; , Strengthen the system innovation and other five aspects of the focus of work, focus and layout of the industrial transformation and upgrading and sophisticated development.
  The development of biopharmaceuticals will certainly lead the development of related industries, such as pharmaceutical clean room engineering, biological laboratory purification projects, and bio-pharmaceutical development will also usher in the development of spring. Shenzhen City in the construction of the Southern Environmental Limited limited work as a bio-pharmaceutical clean room engineering industry leading brand, over the years by virtue of their own experience and strength, has been committed to creating high-end clean room purification project, serving the development of bio-pharmaceutical industry is expected in the future, The biopharmaceutical industry will bring a leap across innovation.

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