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Service Process
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Service Philosophy

Our company always implements the tenet of "Quality First, Service First, Reputation First, Customer First", and gives full play to our technical advantages to provide customers with a perfect customer experience. During the equipment warranty period, our company implements three guarantees of product quality, free maintenance or replacement, and during the service life of the equipment, we will provide you with spare parts and consumable parts in time.

At the same time, we provide customized services to customize the air filter designed to suit your air system. It is very important to configure the right filter for your factory, and it is also difficult to find a perfectly adapted filter size to fit your filter system, so we provide customized filter service.

We specialize in filter design and manufacturing, and we have rich design and manufacturing experience from concept to finished product. There is no charge for consultation.

If the size of the filter you need is difficult to find a standard product, please kindly leave us a message!


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